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JSWAG Church Fundraiser Program

Is your church looking for an easy way to raise money? We encourage you to consider JSWAG Faith Apparel as your next fundraising partner. JSWAG Faith Apparel offers quality Christian apparel and accessories to equip our fellow believers with intentional and purposeful design graphics designed to create conversations. Your church or participating organization will earn 20% of all sales generated from your fundraising efforts.

When you decide to use JSWAG Faith Apparel for your next fundraising event, rest assured that we make this process easy for you to promote by providing a toolkit with resources to set your fundraiser up for success.

JSWAG Faith Apparel Fundraiser Features:

  • Product Catalog
  • Fundraiser Toolkit
  • Place Monthly Orders
  • Receive 20% of All Sales (sales tax not included)

For more information, please complete the form below and write "JSWAG Fundraiser Info" in the message field and we'll be in touch shortly!