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About Us

Mission: Creating curiosity, conversations, and connections through what we wear.

The JSWAG Faith Apparel Brand is about more than just selling clothing and accessories.

Our mission of Creating curiosity, conversations, and connections through what we wear is what sets us apart from other apparel companies. This mission is the essence of who we are as Christians and how we are called to be ambassadors for Christ, sharing and proclaiming the good news of God’s love for us. We accomplish this mission by equipping fellow believers with quality apparel that is simple and sleek in design and sparks curiosity in those who see it. We have experienced firsthand the impact a simple message can have when read by someone who can resonate with the message. That is the power of God and the Holy Spirit working in others. Encourage, inspire, and connect with believers and non-believers alike through what you wear.

- Just Someone Who Admires God